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Everyday Energy Saving Tips

If you’re trying to save money and cut down on your monthly costs, one area that can easily save you tons of cash is your energy bill. Did you know that there are simple things you can do to your home—or apartment—that will help keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket?

Tips to Help You Save Energy and Reduce Utility Bills

  • Seal up cracks and gaps to save energy. Use a stick of incense near the window to see if the smoke moves. Drafts in your home can make it colder, causing you to use more heat.

  • Use compact florescent light bulbs—they are generally brighter and use less energy. Replacing all the light bulbs in your home with florescent bulbs can reduce your energy costs up to 7%. 

  • In the winter, change your ceiling fans to force hot air back down. Reversing your fans to counterclockwise will pull the hot air upward faster during the summer. 

  • Vacuum vents. Dust that clogs up the ventilation system will cause your home to heat slower.

  • Change your AC and heater filters every two to three months.


  • Buy a thermostat with a timer so you can set the temperature accordingly when you’re not home. If you don’t have a timer on your thermostat, turn the temperature up before you go when it’s hot and turn it down when it’s cold outside.

  • If you get chilly at night, use an extra blanket. For every 1 degree you turn down your thermostat you can save up to 3% on energy costs. 

  • Open the shades and blinds during the day during the winter to naturally heat up the surfaces in your home, such as your carpet and furniture.

  • Don\'t dry dishes in the dishwasher. Turn off your heated dry setting.

  • Shut off the computer at night and unplug whatever you don’t need. Just because the power is off does not mean the appliance isn’t using energy. You can easily get a power cord to attach appliances to and turn all of them off at the switch.

  • Only do full loads of laundry and dishes. Use cold water when washing clothes—just using cold water can save you up to 30% on water heating costs.


  • Make sure your refrigerator is sealed and not leaking cold air. Put a dollar bill into the stripping and close the door. When you pull on the dollar bill it should be tough to pull out. If it just slips out, you need to replace the sealant on the fridge.


  • Use Energy Star products. Appliances with the Energy Star label can help lower your energy bills. 

  • Get an energy audit done on your home once every year. This will help you determine where you are losing heat and have leaks.


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