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Financial Glossary

Deciphering credit card statements, tax forms and other financial documents is not easy task. That\'s why we prepared a comprehensive glossary of financial terms. Before you make serious financial decisions or sign any contracts make sure you understand the terms.

Financial Terms

Amortization - Paying off your debt over time, payments covering principal and interest.

Acceleration Clause -  Gives the lender the right to demand the full amount due at anytime.

Arrears -  The monies you are behind on.

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 - is where you loose your possessions but your debt is cleared.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 -  is where you keep your possessions and make payments to the court for your debt.

Beacon Score - Basically like your credit score but focuses on your late payments and defaults.

Buydown - A lump sum payment to reduce the loan time.

Charge-off - Also known as a write-off, a portion of debt that is erased.

Conditionalities - Part of the loan agreement that covers requirements other than the payments.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service
- A not-for-profit company that helps consumers get out of debt.

Credit insurance - Pays of your credit debt if you loose your job or become disabled or sick.

Debt consolidation loan - One loan that pays off all your other loans so you can pay your debt easier.

Debt Management Plan
-  A plan that allows you to live by a budget and still pay back creditors in a fashion that actually reduces your debt.

Debt Settlement - An agreement where your creditors agree to take less money than what you owe.

Debt-to-income ratio - How much you owe per month compared to how much you make per month.

Graduated Payment - A repayment plan where the payments are small at first then get bigger.

Negative Amortization - A repayment plan that when done, won\'t have paid off the entire balance.

Reaffirmation -  is a special payment plan with the court when you filed bankruptcy that allows you to keep a piece of property.

Re-age - Changing an account from delinquent to current without affecting the amounts due.

Renegotiable Rate - A loan that results in a negative amortization, that when the end of the loan comes, the part unpaid is due in one lump sum that is calculated at a different interest rate than the payments were.

Reschedule - Changing the length of the loan.

Security Interest - Basically your collateral you\'ve offered for the loan.

Wraparound - When you have one high interest loan and one low interest loan, you combine them into one loan with an interest in the middle.


Benefits of Debt Consolidation

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Eliminate Debt in Less Time
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