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Working with a Credit Counseling Agency

Whether you’ve fallen behind on your monthly payments or have experienced an unforeseen and undesirable situation, such as a death in the family or a job loss, you might be in need of a credit counseling agency. While a credit counseling agency might not be right for everyone, especially those who don’t have much debt, consolidation may often be the last step before bankruptcy for those in need. Remember, the longer you wait to get help, the harder it will be to overcome your mountain of debt.

When to Consider a Credit Counseling Agency

  • You can\'t pay the minimum payments on your credit cards.

  • You\'re consistently making late payments on one or more of your regular bills.

  • You\'re being hounded by creditors and collection agencies.

  • Your efforts to work out reasonable repayment plans with your creditors have failed.

What does a Credit Counseling Agency do?

Often a credit counseling agency does just that: counsel you on your credit. They can give you advice on how to manage your finances by creating a monthly budget in order to prevent further debt.

Other services include negotiating with creditors to eliminate late fees, extend the term of your loan or lower your interest rate, debt consolidation and debt settlement. If your debt has grown quite large, the credit counselor can help you enter into a debt repayment plan requiring you to pay a set amount to the agency each month, which they then pay to your creditors.

How to Choose a Credit Counseling Agency

While credit counseling agencies originally started out as nonprofits, a lot of agencies are currently run by credit card companies, making it more difficult to choose a reputable agency that will look out for your needs rather than those of the company behind them.

Your first step in finding a reputable agency is to see which credit counseling agencies near you are members of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) or the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA), which are the most respected networks of credit counseling agencies. Members of these associations are put through a rigorous accreditation process where they are reviewed on the effectiveness of their counseling. See How to Qualify Your Counselor for more information.

Once you\'ve narrowed your search down to one or two agencies, give each one a closer look to see if complaints have been filed against them. Search your state’s Attorney General\'s office, a local consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau.

Learn about the best questions to ask your potential credit counseling agency.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Eliminate Debt in Less Time
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